Family Folk Explosion

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The Family Folk Explosion is a Psychedelic Party/Neo-Ceremony hosted and curated by Trans Van Santos and his band of mystics. The party combines live music,  visual art, fashion, sound design, a light show and a DJ in a modern take on an Andy Warhol Happening with a healthy dose of Ken Kesey’s famed Acid Tests.

The Family Folk Explosion debuted at the Harmony Music Festival in 2011 with a festival closing five hour encore performance and a blessing from the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne.  In 2012 an eleven week residency at San Francisco’s Amnesia Music Hall helped cement the legacy of Family Folk Explosion. As one longtime San Francisco resident said, “We haven’t seen anything like this since the old days, since the original Fillmore West.”

The event features the TVS musical family as shapeshifting house band, incorporating a variety of well established special guests as well as newly discovered talent. The 2012 addition introduced rising Bay Area stars Annie Girl, Matthew Szemela (of Lana Del Rey), Pearl Charles and enigmatic guitarist Wildhawk. Special guests included Sean Hayes, The Blank Tapes, Range Of Light Wilderness and members of Two Gallants, American Music Club and Rogue Wave.

Family Folk Explosion ceremonies take place every season. 2016’s Winter Residency featured special guests Matt Adams (The Blank Tapes), Jason Simon (Dead Meadow), Louise Le Hir, Sean Olmstead (Fpod Bpod), Matthew Szemela (Jay Z / Lana Del Rey), and young Russian-American rock & roller, Mayya Feygina, a favorite of Bay Area icon John Vanderslice.

The 2016 Earth Day Shows have just been announced!  Check it out here for avails

family folk explosion


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