Moon Mirage hits the streets March 17! Shows and Explosions below!

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On March 18th Trans Van Santos will be debuting the Moon Mirage show and celebrating the release of The Blank Tapes produced TVS album of the same name (Moon Mirage available March 17th through Royal Oakie Records).  The new TVS line up includes long time Patti Smith guitarist Oliver Ray and Catfish Daniel, virtuoso guitarist/pedal steeler of psych rock wunderkinds The Myrrors.  We will be giving away awesome door prizes and taking a trip to the Dark Side Of The Moon.  Please Join us!  Killer shows the following week in California too!  Check it out below:

Tickets Available Here (a click away)




more to come….

Trans Van Santos’ new project debuts at Tucson’s legendary Hotel Congress on Jan. 28th!!!


On January 28th you are invited to attend the debut performance of Trans Van Santos’ Free Folk, Spirit Jazz, Mirage Rock infused project Santos Bravo.  With a line up featuring veteran rock n roll and high jazz searchers Ryne Warner (Ohioan, Castanets) and Naim Amor (Amor), plus TVS backbone Anna Jo on the traps and Keli Carpenter as female foil, this show will be like a trip to the exploratorium, a journey through the stars.  Like finding love in the lightning bottle.  9PM doors and free for the people!


New York City’s BreakThru Radio debuts Moon Mirage track!

Moon Mirage MockUp Damien Font(1)On Tuesday, December 9th, NYC’s rad online radio station, BreakThru Radio, will be debuting a track from the forthcoming Trans Van Santos record Moon Mirage! The album isn’t officially out until February 17th, so if you want to get an early taste, this is your first shot. Thank you DJ Lottie Leymarie for your interest in the trans-cendent power of rock n roll! The show is called Spotlight On The City. Tune In and Drop Out!


Campo Bravo Returns To Whatever…

campo passeThe official return of Campo Bravo. Lazer Horse, Professor Green Jeans, DTVB, Anna Jo and Santos. Electric Pow Wow. New songs and classic songs. Old friends and new fans. Crazy Horse and Sun Ra. Almost eight years after our last tour/album. (R)Evolution.  BECAUSE OF THE 4TH AVE STREET FAIR WE WILL BE MOVING THIS SHOW TO AN EARLIER TIME OF DAY ON FRIDAY. LIKE 4PM OR 5PM. DURING THE STREET FAIR (DAYTIME) CHECK BACK FOR NEW DETAILS!!!


News Mirage

-Trans-missions from Old Mexico: in the cozy and cosmic comfort of the Desert after holiday. Hot wine, cold mornings, luke warm coffee. David G over at Royal Oakie Records sent over the test pressing for Moon Mirage (the new album) and it comes off the vinyl real nice. The album goes public on February 17th.

-Rehearsals at the Wildcat Storage Facility with the Trans Van Santos band; Vicki, Boyd and Leslie along with Anna Jo and I, have been electric and searching, exponential, wild, breathing. We are finding the beat, the cracks, black holes and space places. December 27th at Hotel Congress (Doors 7pm) will be the debut of this desert hearts of a TVS line up.

-Friends Of Santos: The first of what will be a semi regular ceremony of chaos and the expanding now took place last Friday at Cafe Passe (Tucson, AZ).  I was joined for two gloriously ragged sets by Anna Jo, Professor Green, and Lazer Horse. I was playing through PG’s 62′ Princeton with one of those old Dick Dale style Fender Reverb tanks sitting on top. Circus of Lightning: The Ringing Brothers. Loud is the new Loud.  Future incarnations will shift and trans-mutate. Horses and catfish, southside and downtown. Depending on the Stars.

-Trans Van Santos


A Funeral For The All Souls Procession…

For the first time in 8 years I attended the All Souls Procession in Tucson, AZ.  I was put in a foul mood by the co-opting of this once beautiful annual event by the Downtown Revitalization Death Star and its many hands. Altars had been replaced by food trucks and vendors selling cheap Mexican trinkets and plastic skulls. Below is a Poem for an “event” lacking Poetry.


Let’s build a coffin, decorated with dying flowers

trimmed with mesquite and placed atop an altar

let’s call the altar a mountain, let’s name the mountain Death


Inside the coffin we place the Soul of All Souls

around the altar we place 1000 Mexican candles

with 1000 dead saints in two dimensions

standing guard with dimming lights

over meaning and ceremony

over symbols

over candlelight processions past


On the mountain as altar christened Death

we place 1000 miniature altars

each unique

each representing loss

reach representing life

and the leaving

each a tactile object expressing the intangible

each a colorful contradiction


We will build this mountain where the procession ends

where the Altars have been replaced by food trucks

and sweet myths replaced by sour science

where the procession becomes parade

where the ceremony becomes carnival


We will summon 1000 dark archers

Angels of Death with arrows aflame

positioned on the mountain in fearless formation

the golden guardians will take aim


Food trucks fueled by gasoline and fry bread

will explode in fireworks display

vendors will flee the temple steps

in a Grand Finale

filled with Meaning

ripe with Symbolism

and guided by



-Trans Van Santos


Tucson Time…

The rains came today. The streets and avenues transformed into quick running rivers. Every city block a desert island. Umbrellas came out of retirement. Strangers gathered in doorway shelters. My songs got wet. My socks got wet. My hair asked for a hat.

Anna Jo and I have been here in our new desert digs for a month or there about. Bikes have been rebuilt from the scrap heap at Bicas (Anarchist community bike shop that may not self identify as Anarchist but I know the smell of my own.) Rock & roll shows to save the soul of an ex con have been attended and much appreciated. Vintage stereo system has been purchased and old and new records discovered and recovered. The deal with James Franco to provide the soundtrack to his upcoming film has been signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Back in Oakland the Royal Oakie Records team is readying the artwork for our new album. The album was mastered up in Phoenix at SAE. The album is called Moon Mirage. The album will destroy you. Then rebuild you. We are going to wait to release it in early 2015. To make sure that attention is properly paid. So we can be properly paid. Garage Rock is dead. This is Mirage Rock and it is alive. Like a cactus. Desert survivor. I’m alive, I’m alive.

There is an adobe wall around our compound. There is a barn in the back for building stage props. there is a room where inspiration and imagination grow. There is a fridge for the fresh vegetables and nutritional yeast and flax seed oil. There is a big bed for bigger dreams. There is an 8 track recorder for those wet songs. There are turquoise chairs and turquoise rings. There is a program on the radio that says that Hitler never committed suicide but instead lived out the rest of his life in Argentina. Under U.S. protection of course. Maybe. There are weirder things that have turned out to be true. There are stranger lies being told right now.

We are broadcasting from the Desert. The former Ms. North Mexico. The jewel of Sonora. In the borderlands between us and them. Between what was and what ain’t. Between love and death. Between life and late. Between the coyote and the crosser. The moon and the mirage. Between being big and being huge. Between yes and know. We are stretching in the morning to stay loose. We are walking in the night to stay in shape. For the road and the fight. Where you have to let go to be declared the winner and where there is no winner unless there is more than one winner. Because no one wants to be alone. We are home.

-Trans Van Santos